Precious Metals Services and Features

We are here to help you compete in the world of the precious metals industry. Our clients can count on first class support and market expertise.
The Precious Metals Brokerage Division offers you all instruments and services to hedge your precious metal positions:

  • Voice Brokerage
  • 23h 5 days/week Electronic Trading
  • Pricing in Foreign Currencies
  • Customized OTC contracts
  • Flexible Contract Sizes
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forwards
  • Physical
  • Fixing/Auction Orders
  • Loco London/Zürich Transfers

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Precious Metals Price Risk Management

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, in the recycling business or operating a refinery, the price risk and volatility is inevitably linked to trading precious metals. With us you can hedge this price risks effectively and efficiently. You will gain the ability to offer pricing methods to your costumers, which can give you the advantage you need to be successful in the market. You can secure your stock, purchases and final product against changes in the underlying prices and furthermore, you can offer this service to your clients as well.
We put a worldwide network at your service to not only hedge your price risk but also to cover all your physical trading needs. On top of our round-the-clock voice brokerage service you can have access to one of the newest electronic trading technologies in the precious metals industry and direct access to the London Bullion Market.

London Bullion Market

StoneX is a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM).

Our expertise encompasses all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium as well as rhodium.

We offer a full range of trading and hedging capabilities including OTC and Exchange traded products, to a diverse range of producers, consumers and investors. You can trade spot, forward and options instruments, futures, physical, swaps, etc. We can price any trade in most major currencies and of course basis the auction/fixing prices, if needed.


As a client you can rely on our expertise on the London Bullion Market and through our global network you will benefit from our knowledge of the worldwide precious metals markets.

Electronic Trading

With our state of the art Precious Metals Trading Platform you are just a click away from the London Bullion Market.

PMXecute offers you up to 23 hours, 5 days a week access to the global Precious Metals Markets wether it is through the responsive HMTL5 tool or our mobile applications. You can trade the live spot prices for all four metals, which correlate with the prices from market makers around the world. With this tool you can easily hedge your precious metals and keep track of your positions (see also the video below).

Furthermore you have the opportunity to implement our price feed into your webshop or software with the help of an API. This gives you the opportunity to develop your own trading tools & software and operate more efficiently and securely, online and offline.

You can also use your account at INTL to maximize your trading possibilities through our loco London and loco Zurich metal accounts, which give you the opportunity to clear positions with your counterparties.


StoneX is a direct participant in the LBMA Gold & Silver auctions. You can settle your trades with us basis the LBMA Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium prices.

Historical auctions prices for Gold and Silver are published daily on the LBMA website while the Platinum and Palladium prices are published on the LPPM website.

The auction times (London time) for the different metals are:

  • Gold: 10:30 & 15:00
  • Silver: 12:00
  • Platinum: 09:45 & 14:00
  • Palladium: 09:45 & 14:00

You can find information on the auction procedures on the LBMA gold price website, the LBMA silver price website as well as on the website of the auction operater the ICE Benchmark Administration. On the LME website you can find the details for the Platinum and Palladium Price Discovery Processes.

Physical Trading

StoneX can help you to source the material you need through an extensive network  of suppliers and recycling operations around the world. Whether you are a coin dealer, in the recycling business or a refinery, get in touch with us and tell us how we can help you.

StoneX has developed a new platform for trading physical precious metals. PMXecute+ connects suppliers and consumers of precious metals and helps them to trade more efficiently through automation of the workflow from pre- & post trade documentation, transport & insurance, as well as payments. A unique and easy way to trade. See the video below for some more details on PMXecute+.

Precious Metals Prices

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