Effective and Efficient Execution, Clearing and Matching of LME Products.
Our core services and features:

  • Experienced LME Brokers
  • Access to the LME through a Ring Dealing Member
  • Access to NYMEX/COMEX
  • Options, OTC Product, Futures
  • Market Intelligence
  • Voice Brokerage 24h a Day

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Price risk and volatility is inevitably linked to metal trading. Whether you are a producer, trader or consumer of metals, your business is exposed to the inherited volatility of the market. Hedging on the London Metal Exchange will enable you to offer different pricing methods to both your purchases and sales. If you are holding stock, in the form of raw materials, scrap or final product, with IFCM as your LME broker you will be able to hedge against a potential decrease in its value should the prices go against your interests.


Through our partner StoneX, Ring Dealing Member of the London Metal Exchange, you will be granted access to most of the world markets. Their network of worldwide offices guarantees a round the clock service.

We have been trading LME futures and options for over 30 years. Our team of experienced traders will take care of the execution, clearing and matching for all the LME related products.

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We offer you our expertise on the base metals market from a 100% unbiased position. We do not run our own investment book, which allows us to stay 100% independent to the market.


Apart from LME you can also trade COMEX contracts with us.
Should your physical contracts be based on COMEX, you can hedge your price risk in the same way you do with LME base contracts. Some of the most liquid base metals contracts are traded on COMEX and they include:

  • Copper Futures & Options
  • Aluminum Futures
  • Aluminium European Premium contracts (both duty paid & unpaid)

Apart from these contracts, COMEX has a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from Precious to Ferrous Metals.


The Foreign Exchange business provides a 24 hour, client-driven brokerage operation catering to funds, corporates, high net-worth and professional traders alike. Products offered include spot and forward FX, vanilla and exotic options and NDFs.

If you want to trade other product like Precious Metals, Soft Commodities or others, we most likely can help you. Please contact us.