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Whether it’s Grains, Oilseeds, Cacao, Coffee, Sugar, Fertilizer or Energy, we will deliver you one of the best executions and services in the market.

  • Experienced Traders
  • ICE, MATIF, BOT, CME, CME Clearport, etc.
  • Execution of derivatives, options, and OTC contracts
  • In House Clearing
  • Voice and online brokerage
  • Experienced Traders
  • Exotic Instruments
  • Consulting and Market intelligence
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Whether it is an input factor as Energy and Seeds or the final price for your products, the prices in the future are unknown to you, to us, to everyone. You are exposed to global developments and we enable you act on these and will provide you with the ability to conquer the volatility of the market and be ahead of the market.

Through our partner StoneX you receive 24h direct access to the world markets and experience the advantage of in-house clearing and efficient and effective order execution.

Our experienced traders are able to cover all your needs and communicate with you on par. They are much more then traders; they have a background in growing, selling and buying on the physical side themselves. They understand you and will help you to be successful and manage your risks from tomorrow.


For grain origination customers, the company designs and executes hedging programs that utilize the markets to retain and enhance customers’ margins on the local level.  These hedging programs are built on proven commodity risk management principles, and are not speculatively oriented.  Strategies are designed to consistently take advantage of basis opportunities as it relates to the physical cash market.  The Commercial Grain Group’s focus, year-round, is the cash market.  Futures and options activities are used as tools to assist in the marketing of grain by providing opportunities to retain margins and manage risk.

We can trade for you on all the important commodity exchanges in the world, for example the Euronext MATIF in Paris or the CME CBoT in Chicago, among several others and can also offer you customized OTC contracts.


We use our excellent knowledge, experience, technology and capital to provide efficient solutions in complex financial markets, helping our customers to reduce  risk, protect their margins and take advantage of opportunities.

The Softs division offers price-risk management solutions in coffee, sugar and cocoa and can trade for you on the ICE among many other exchanges.


We offer you our expertise on the Energy market and helping your organization to implement a hedging strategy to better control the price of energy. Our expertise in developing and executing risk management programs includes assistance in all facets of this process.

Wether it is natural gas, energy contracts, or something different,  the energy group can offer you unique market insight, risk management expertise, innovative financial solutions and advisory services to address price and volatility risk. We provide companies with the solutions, tools and platforms necessary to meet budgets, stabilize input prices and purchase more competitively.


Our Renewable Fuels Division covers all your needs relating to Ethanol and Biodiesel.  We have a comprehensive understanding of inputs, such as grains, oilseeds/fats and energy, and outputs, including ethanol, biodiesel, ethanol co-product and glycerin. Our proprietary database and historical knowledge provide customers with a competitive advantage and our risk-management programs focus on building the crush margins needed to operate successful renewable fuels plants.


The Fertilizer Group can assist your company with sale and procurement strategies, commodity price-risk management for manufacturing input, production cost (including natural gas), weather risk management, logistical transportation solutions, managing transportation costs and foreign exchange solutions. Contact one of our risk management consultants today.

Using extensive research and historical data, the Fertilizer Group can help companies hedge gross processing margins. Using a specific ratio of natural gas and fertilizer financial instruments, a company may be able to systematically protect margins for a particular production period


We offer inventory sales/repurchase arrangements, transactional commodity finance arrangements and processing and tolling arrangements.  Merchant Services can provide structured commodity financing to clients that is incremental to their established banking relationships.  Our goal is to help clients optimize their fixed assets, such as storage facilities, terminals, pipelines and processing facilities.

We conduct the following finance programs across a number of commodities including grains, coffee, cocoa, cotton, lumber and other soft commodities:

  • Sales/Repurchase Finance Programs
  • Enhanced Sales/Repurchase Finance Program
  • Margin Finance Programs
  • Trade Finance Programs

We also offer industry-specific financing programs that include elements of inventory financing, margin management, merchandising and feedstock origination including:

  • Ethanol Feedstock Finance Program
  • Biodiesel Feedstock Finance Program